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Informative videos

Privates are private

With the help of a friendly dinosaur Pantosaurus, talking PANTS is a simple way to teach children how to stay safe from abuse.


Several children provide an introduction to bullying. There are two types of bullying – emotional bullying (excluding people and unkind remarks) and physical bullying (violence). The children explain the effects of bullying on them and how it makes them feel.

Inappropriate pictures

engaging film with a serious message that follow the stories of a child who share too much about themselves online. The film contains the simple message that although children are taught that it’s good to share, this is not always the case online.

Gender stereotypes

Gender stereotypes are developed at a very young age. This is a short film from 2016. In only three months, ‘Redraw the Balance’ achieved 25 million views.


This is a video about feeling safe and happy. The children talk about touching. What kind of touches do you not like? What should you do if someone touches you in a way you don’t like? ”I can say no if I don’t want my body to be touched or tickled!”

Domestic abuse

A short film about domestic violence by Lighthouse Women’s Aid, a charity supporting women and children affected by domestic abuse in Suffolk, UK.


This video clip shows Primary School students discussing their feelings and how important it is to share your worries.


This clip raises awareness of healthy and unhealthy relationships
Children from across the UK pose questions to a number of trusted adults about the nature of healthy and unhealthy relationships and how relationships can sometimes change