Each child or young person affected by Domestic Abuse (DA) will react in different ways and display a range of emotions and behaviours. When a child or young person makes a disclosure it is highly likely that:

  • A number of incidents have occurred
  • The child/young person wants the DA to stop
  • The child/young person trusts the person to whom the disclosure has been made

At a basic level a child or young person affected by abuse needs:

  • An outlet – somewhere to safely relax, have fun and make sense of the world and receive positive reinforcement
  • To offload – someone who will listen to them and help them find ways of addressing their feelings and emotions
  • Support – practical and emotional help, reassurance and empathy

Some practical ways to support a child or young person could include:

  • Training all staff and governors on abusive relationships, sexual violence and gender stereotyping, indicators of abuse and Child and Adult Protection Procedures
  • Educating all children and young people on healthy relationships, respect, conflict resolution, bullying and challenging gender stereotyping through PSE lessons, cross curricular activities or in assemblies
  • Display posters on support agencies and helplines for young people around the school
  • Create thematic display boards on healthy relationships
  • Consistently enforce non–acceptance of violence and model nurturing , respectful behaviour
  • Provide positive experiences and activities to promote security, self-esteem and learning
  • Consider having a buddy bench, worry box, listening corner, listening mascot
  • Provide time during the school day for homework completion
  • Link with other agencies e.g. school nurses, school counsellors, Social Services, Police
  • Provide spare equipment e.g. P.E. kit, pens/pencils, lend a coat/umbrella

As you are aware if there is a disclosure, staff should follow the Child Protection Procedures outlined by the school. Failure to report suspicion can be deemed as Wilful Neglect, which could become a criminal offence.

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